Does She Anything Like Me?

Reader Question:

i’ve been buddies because of this woman for a time. She dumped her date. We have been texting much – like 200 messages per week. We hold obtaining mixed indicators from their, and I really like the girl. Must I do it now? But I really don’t need destroy the friendship possibly. We in addition hang out, and I think she looks for me from inside the places.

-Ivan S. Bently (Kansas)

Professional’s Solution:

Hi, Ivan. Many thanks for trusting united states with this important individual issue.

There are a great number of possibilities to spell out what’s happening here, but let me provide my “take.” To begin with, you say she actually is sending combined indicators, which probably indicates she actually is confused rather than sure of exactly what she wishes.

She could still have feelings or dreams for the connection she simply remaining, or she could be waiting for you to produce a step. She may still be in the healing up process, and she may possibly not be prepared to be seen publicly with another guy but.

Texting can be her method of trying and hooking up at this time while she completes emotionally disconnecting from the woman ex. She can also be confused if her friendship available sometimes appears loves it really is evolving into some thing larger, but she is undecided in the event that you “like” like the girl.

As for you, Ivan, you are in a rather precarious spot immediately. She actually is throughout the rebound and requires hot men 4 mental assistance. She trusts you and feels better whenever she shares some messages or hangs aside to you. She actively seeks you in halls because she wants you, in one single way or another, that is certainly in which you have to be cautious. In the event that you put the relationship 1st above the fascination with online dating her as a girlfriend, you are in serious likelihood of being relegated toward “friend area,” and that’s a hard spot to escape from.

My guidance for you is to obtain with the lady and chat physically. It needs to be earlier and reduced than an actual time, however it will give you an idea if she would like to see you or otherwise not. Tell her she has to move out and get one hour to have a good laugh and enjoy by herself while would love the opportunity to talk to this lady in more level, too. Pick a spot where your buddies never ever go – possibly a Starbucks anywhere – so she will feel like her privacy is protected.

Ask their how she is carrying out just in case the woman is certainly finished along with her ex. Pay very close attention to her body language. Is actually she bending in your direction or away? Is actually she big-eyed and smiling, or separated and thoughtful? Is actually she acting “girly” or like a buddy?

Absolutely one more thing you should do: inform their in an exceedingly matter-of-fact way that you like the girl. Subsequently you should not state another phrase. She has are the next one to speak. Appear her squarely for the vision so she will be able to visit your strength plus sincerity. Boldly and with confidence grasp the woman neck or hands. Just be sure she understands you are interested in the woman in an intimate man-woman sort of way.

Be powerful and type but never ever emotional or hopeless. Make the lady desire to come to you for nurturing and comfy guy you might be and not for all the nice guy that is “safe” and safe. Her correct views and purposes should expose by themselves given that discussion unfolds.

Do it,